Services >> Overview

  • Consulting for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Start-up consulting
  • Support for young entrepreneurs
  • Employee training
  • Coaching for entrepreneurs
  • Human Resource consulting
  • Goal-oriented moderation of processes, networks, and project consortia
  • Development and implementation of new approaches for qualification
  • Organisation of exchange programmes for employees and managers (national and international)
  • Conceptualisation and realisation of initiatives regarding labour market policy at home and throughout Europe
  • Support in setting up business-advancing measures at home and abroad
  • Planning and implementation of national and international pre-operating studies
  • Research for EU projects
  • Activities as speakers and evaluators
  • Execution of tutorial programmes and programmes for the exchange of experience
  • Procurement of business contacts for international businesses
  • Support in the build-up of inter-business co-operations (nationally and internationally)